What is the evening about?

The Wadden Sea supportes a diverse population of birds and water life.
The Wadden Sea supports a diverse population of birds and water life.

This symposium focuses on the biodiversity in the North Sea and the Wadden Sea. The water life in these areas are unique in the whole world and support an incredible amount of life above water as well. It is not surprising that the Wadden Sea is on the UNESCO World Heritage list for its diversity and uniqueness.

However, this diversity is slowly lost because of pollution and distribution… And so we focus our symposium on how we can stop further diversity loss and to ‘restore what has been lost’. Our speakers will tell you about the current state of biodiversity in these areas, the problems that threaten biodiversity and about the solutions there are to fix this.

One of our speakers is especially specialised on the project of the ‘Marker Wadden’ which focuses on the maintenance of the diversity of aquatic life in the Markermeer, a part of the IJsselmeer. This huge project aims to develop a whole new and diverse ecosystem for water life and birds.