University Fund Wageningen

University Fund WageningenSince 1951, the University Fund Wageningen (UFW) contributes to activities that make a difference for the students and for Wageningen University. UFW connects people, ideas and funds to contribute to the prosperity of the university. That is why the fund invests in the strengthening of the contacts between the WUR and her alumni, businesses and relevant social organisations.

UFW contributes to the rewarding and stimulation of excellent education and research in Wageningen, is committed to the scientific and cultural heritage of the university and passes down knowledge through well-attended events. Furthermore, the UFW sponsors the development of students and facilitates scholarships for international students. The UFW also supports symposia and conventions related to the Wageningen University or its students.

Do you feel affinity with Wageningen and do you want to contribute to the mission of UFW? The board of UFW invites companies, alumni, employees, students, professors and other people concerned to financially support one of our funds. Do you have questions or suggestions or do you want to contribute to our mission, as friend or alumnus? We would love to discuss the possibilities. Also contact us if you want to apply for funding by the UFW. You can find the conditions for funding and donating on: