Symposium Committee ‘FrequenCie’

IMG_8003The organising committee of ‘Nature calls’ consists of eight members. From May 2016 on we have been working on providing an interesting and entertaining symposium for the 6th lustrum of B.V.W. ‘Biologica’. On the upper row from left to right you see Aron Kuiper, secretary of the committee, Steven Zwartkruis, Chairman,  Joep Smits, treasurer of the committee and Cas van den Munckhof, commissioner of sponsorships and website. Sitting on the bench from left to right we see Annika Liefferink, head of the information folder the committee of recommendation, Esther van Tatenhove, commissioner of advertisement, Iris Jansen, who has been keeping in touch with our guest-speakers next to arranging their stay in Wageningen and Carlijn Balvers, head of catering, location and she has fulfilled tasks as the secretary as well. We all hope to see you at our symposium where we will delve into the many aspects of sound in nature.