Lustrum B.V.W ‘Biologica’


Every year in November, the Biology Study Association ‘Biologica’, celebrates her anniversary, the dies natalis. Every five years this already overly festive affair accumulates into an even bigger lustrum. In 2017 we celebrate the sixth lustrum of B.V.W. ‘Biologica’, with the theme ‘Trigger your Senses’. This epic aggregation of highly concentrated pompous pleasantries is orchestrated by us, Biologica’s Finest, the patrons, the salt of the earth: the Lustrum Committee. In just fourteen days we managed to schedule a wonderful eight activities of hitherto unknown proportions. Indeed, the feeble-minded should be wary if they are up to getting through these two weeks. Literally, as the availability of full tickets is limited. So get yours soon, because only those full tickets will give certainty to attend all activities; tickets for individual activities will be sold at a later point in time. Do you want to know more about what we’re up to during the Lustrum weeks, and when tickets become available? Take a look at our site! We hope to see you at the Lustrum!




Lustrum committee 2017  ‘Hooked on a Feeling’