Annemarie Teunissen

GA--20170214-752_5664.NEFI’m Annemarie Teunissen, study adviser at the biology programme and honoured to present this symposium. Thinking of the subject of this symposium the Wadden Sea and its biodiversity brings back beautiful memories. Memories about my 6 month internship on Texel, studying the Common Eider. But even more, thinking of my summer holiday this year with my family on Vlieland and Terschelling. Spending hours on the beach with my daughters and their landing nets, catching crabs, sea grapes (mom this feels like slime!), (unidentified) small fish, shrimps and hermit crabs. We gathered tons of beautiful shells. Showed them Spoonbills. Lay in the dunes, watching the birds fly over our heads. Showing them the Wadden biodiversity and how beautiful it is.