Nature Calls.

Welcome to the website of ‘Nature calls’, a symposium on sound in nature. The many aspects of this broad subject will be brought to your attention. On the 15th of November, starting at 18:00, we will host this intriguing event at the Junushoff Theater in Wageningen. The guest speakers who will tell you about their research and view on sound are scientist in animal ecology Dr Wouter Halfwerk, otolaryngologist Dr Ronald Pennings and Dr. Guillaume Dezecache who studies primate linguistics. Tickets, with dinner included, are available on the ticket page. Please do look around on our website and meet the many people involved in the making of 'Nature Calls' for more info and for questions send an e-mail to

Symposium Committee ‘FrequenCie’FrequenCie

Symposium speakers

'Sound' can of course be interpreted in a very broad sense and has a prominent presence in life in many ways. Therefore the following speakers will shed light on the different aspects of this subject. You can meet them and read about information on their scientific background and career by clicking on their images here.

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After the 1st of October you can buy your tickets for the 'Nature Calls' here. If you are a member of the study association B.V.W. 'Biologica', you will recieve a code in your weekly mail, which you can use to order tickets for a discounted price. This symposium is part of the sixth Lustrum of B.V.W. 'Biologica'. Therefore combi-tickets are available for all lustrum activities (Lustrum Gala excluded) and an almanac on the Lustrum website. You can find directions to these tickets on the ticket page.

Committee of Recommendation

The Committee of Recommendation consists of four members, that support the symposium. Read here about their affinity with the symposium: 'Nature Calls'!

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These companies have supported the organisation of 'Nature Calls'. Click on their logos to find out more about what they do and what they stand for.

Coppens International

Coppens International

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University Fund Wageningen